The Dog Spa

Bath and Trim
Nails Trimmed
Paw Pads Shaved
Sanitary Trim
Hair is removed from ear canal (when necessary)
Ears are Cleaned
Warm Massaging Bath
Anal Gland Expression
Hand Blow Dry
Basic hand scissoring to include face, feet, tail and outline
Great for in-between grooms or to let the coat grow out

Full Groom
Everything included in the Bath and Trim along with the style of your choice

Shedless Treatment
We use an ultra conditioning shampoo and conditioner in the bath. We'll also spend extra time brushing out the coat with specially designed tools to remove shedding hair

Also Available
Nail Buffing, Nail Polish, Flea Treatments
Medicated Shampoos for dry, itchy, flaky skin
Deep Conditioning Treatments

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